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Finding the Right Partner

CSA Packaging delivers flexibility and expertise to Contract Manufacturing!

There are many reasons CPG’s employ contract manufacturers. Among them are:

  1. Need for additional capacity

  2. Need for additional capability

  3. Desire to focus on marketing rather than manufacturing

  4. Special projects

  5. Geographic advantages

  6. Contingency planning

  7. Specialty production

There are as many qualifying characteristics of the right partner as there are reasons for needing one.

  1. Is the volume a fit? Some projects are too big or too small for various co-packers

  2. Experience. Often a new project may not be something the co-man has done before but do they have the experience to execute?

  3. Does the co-man share the vision of the CPG? Effective partners set clear goals and expectations.

  4. Location may be key depending on supply chain issues, freight costs, distribution points, etc.

  5. Does the co-man have the ability to ramp up and down quickly? If the CPG’s needs change quickly, an agile partner is key.

  6. Does the co-man have the “yes” attitude. A good partner should be ready to say yes, we can do that. That is why they are being utilized.

At CSA Packaging we look at every job, every relationship as a new beginning. Custom manufacturing is challenging and exciting, with both parties bringing knowledge, experience and expertise to the table. It is always a partnership with the end goals clearly established regarding timelines, quality, output and most importantly delivery of the product when, where and exactly what is needed.


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