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Automatic and semi-automatic cartoning.


Customized Cartoning Solutions for Your Product


Automatic cartoning is often highly size-specific, but at CSA Packaging, we have extensive experience handling cartoning projects of all sizes. Whether your product falls within the food or non-food category, we excel in tailoring cartoning solutions to suit your precise needs. CSA's expertise spans a wide array of products, including packets, granular items, rice, and many others.


Our Cartoning Capabilities Include:


Automatic Cartoning: CSA Packaging is equipped for fully automatic cartoning processes to enhance efficiency and consistency.

Semi-Automatic Cartoning: We also offer semi-automatic cartoning options for products that require a more hands-on approach.

High-Speed Cartoning: Efficiency is our priority, and we can handle high-speed cartoning requirements to meet your production demands.

All Sizes: Whether your product is small or large, we have the capabilities to accommodate it.

Horizontal Fill: Our expertise extends to horizontal fill cartoning to suit specific product orientations.

Food Items: We specialize in cartoning both food and non-food items, ensuring compliance with relevant quality and safety standards.


Overwrapping: CSA Packaging offers overwrapping services to enhance the presentation and protection of your products.

When it comes to cartoning solutions, CSA Packaging is your trusted partner, with a track record of successfully customizing solutions for a wide range of products. Contact us today to

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