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Haircare, lotion samples and other bottled goods.


Viscous and Semi-Viscous Liquid Packaging Expertise


Packaging haircare products, lotions, and other viscous or semi-viscous liquids comes with its distinct set of challenges. At CSA Packaging, we possess the resources and capabilities to tackle these challenges effectively. Whether your liquid product varies in format, size, or consistency, our dedicated team is well-prepared to assist you throughout the entire process.


Our Comprehensive Services Include:


Formulation: CSA Packaging can collaborate with you to fine-tune your product's formulation, ensuring it meets your specific requirements and quality standards.


Bottle or Packet Selection: With an array of options available, our experts can guide you in choosing the most suitable bottle or packet type for your liquid product.


Filling: We excel in the precise filling of viscous and semi-viscous liquids, guaranteeing accuracy and consistency in every package.


Final Pack-Out: From formulation to filling, we oversee every step of the process to ensure your product is packed and ready for market.


Liquid Products We Specialize In:

  • Hand Lotions

  • Body Lotions

  • Hand cleaner

  • Sanitizers

  • Burn Cream

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