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Outer Wrapping

Overwrapping is a typical Club Store and major retailer configuration—
the team at CSA can help you deliver on time and on budget. 


Major CPG’s rely on CSA for their rainbow packs, multi-unit trays and combination offerings. Whatever your project, we can help with getting to market on time and on budget. CSA has experience in managing the assembly and manufacturing of any of the following specialty kit and gift set items:

  • Gift Set Assembly

  • Specialty Kit assembly

  • Retail Cosmetic Kit assembly

  • Cellophane Wrapped basket assemblies

  • Seasonal Gift Basket Assembly

  • Art /Craft Assembly

  • Multiple piece kits

  • Shrink wrapping

  • Custom kit assembly

  • Kit fulfillment

  • Personal hygiene kits

  • Shrink wrapped twin packs

  • Multi-Pack shrink wrap

  • Three packs

  • Club store packs

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